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Three young companies tackling global problems

After several months, countless interviews and exhaustive due diligence, we’re excited to announce three companies for our Spring 2019 cohort.

We were looking for companies with solutions that decarbonize and electrify our transportation and energy systems—while tackling problems in Alaska with relevance to larger global markets.

The three companies below fit the bill, and we’re thrilled to begin working with them when they arrive here later this month.



With the global increase in electric vehicles comes an increased demand for charging stations. But Super Fast charging causes problematic demand spikes on the grid. eCAMION is addressing this by pairing charging stations with advanced storage. They provide modular, smart energy storage solutions with innovative applications for community storage, EV charging, auxiliary power units, storage for renewable energy projects and other custom applications. We’re excited to help them accelerate the adoption of EVs for both consumers and utilities.


Signol builds on cutting-edge behavioral science with a proprietary data analytics platform to help companies identify inefficiencies, change behaviors, and save on their fuel and energy costs. Signol was launched in 2017 following a research project between one of the company’s founders (then a researcher at Boston University) and Virgin Atlantic, where they cut carbon emissions and saved $5.4 million over 8 months. We’re excited to connect them to the global logistics, shipping and aviation hub that is Alaska.




Oklo is developing very small advanced fission reactors to provide affordable, reliable, safe and clean power to save people money on their energy bills, bring power to those without it, and reduce emissions. Oklo's technology requires no refueling for over a decade, enables the conversion of used nuclear fuel to clean energy, and avoids millions of tons of CO2 over the alternatives. And Alaska has been a central part of the company’s deployment strategy since the beginning. We’re excited to see how a new era of advanced micro nuclear can help address the energy and cost challenges that face our state and the world.