60 Hertz Energy

60Hertz is the frequency at which electricity is distributed — the heartbeat of an electricity grid. The company offers turn-key microgrid operations for remote sites, from villages to remote camps. 60Hertz Microgrids believes that access to affordable, reliable, and clean energy is not only a basic human right but also essential to the heartbeat of rural economies and households. The company makes socially oriented investment in remote electricity infrastructure, and offers its proprietary Operations & Maintenance software, Pinga, to support power plant operators globally.

Founders: Piper Foster Wilder and Whitney Gantt


Attently is a software company that analyzes video of human audiences to determine both their demographic makeup and their emotional reaction to live content. This audience analysis is presented via an online dashboard to the user, to provide objective, granular feedback for any presentation.

Founder: Eric Solie and Erik Talvi


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Helix has created a unique mobile payment app and electronic card duo. Concurrent with each other, Helix Secure enables users to generate one time use Visa Prepaid virtual account numbers (VANs) instantly with the app. These VANs can be funded from their bitcoin wallet or bank account (ACH) and spent by swiping in the same traditional way at any point of sale (POS). By doing so, Helix has created a product that puts consumers, for the first time, in charge of their own purchasing protection. One time use VANs are the most secure method of payment in use today.

Founders: Tom Humphrey and Andrea Irving


Threat Informant

Threat Informant is an Anchorage-based IT security firm that focuses on information security. The Multi-Tenant Advanced Security (MTAS) system is our new Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution that will help clients meet compliance standards, develop a threat intelligence program, and provide Threat Informant analysts with data from various client sites to identify correlations as it relates to information security. The MTAS has innumerable applications, but the one we are most excited about is in the Energy sector. By placing the MTAS at different energy sites, data collection and analysis will allow Threat Informant employees to identify the independent and dependent variables as it relates to energy savings.

Founders: Matthew Peters and Courtney Targos