We’re working side-by-side with game-changing startups to help them scale solutions to the planet’s hardest problems.

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Signol builds on cutting-edge behavioral science with a proprietary data analytics platform to help companies identify inefficiencies, change behaviors, and save on their fuel and energy costs. Signol was launched in 2017 following a research project between one of the company’s founders (then a researcher at Boston University) and Virgin Atlantic, where they cut carbon emissions and saved $5.4 million over 8 months. We’re excited to connect them to the global logistics, shipping and aviation hub that is Alaska


Oklo is developing very small advanced fission reactors to provide affordable, reliable, safe and clean power to save people money on their energy bills, bring power to those without it, and reduce emissions. Oklo's technology requires no refueling for over a decade, enables the conversion of used nuclear fuel to clean energy, and avoids millions of tons of CO2 over the alternatives. And Alaska has been a central part of the company’s deployment aspirations since the beginning. We’re excited to see how a new era of advanced micro nuclear can help address the energy and cost challenges that face our state and the world.



With the global increase in electric vehicles comes an increased demand for charging stations. But Super Fast charging causes problematic demand spikes on the grid. eCAMION is addressing this by pairing charging stations with advanced storage. They provide modular, smart energy storage solutions with innovative applications for community storage, EV charging, auxiliary power units, storage for renewable energy projects and other custom applications. We’re excited to help them accelerate the adoption of EVs for both consumers and utilities.


Omega Grid is a peer-to-peer blockchain energy platform for communities, property owners and utilities. They help deliver low cost clean energy, encourage energy investment, and remove the risk of distributed generation. 



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Box Power provides prefabricated solar minigrids in 20' shipping containers as a clean, reliable, and affordable alternative to diesel generators for off-grid and under-served commercial energy consumers. Through standardization and mass-production, BoxPower provides energy for half the cost of fossil-fuel generation, while avoiding up to two-million pounds of CO2 emissions with each system. By training and utilizing local labor for assembly, installation, and maintenance, BoxPower provides local economic and workforce development while maintaining a sustainable, capital-light and rapidly-scalable business.

BoxPower demonstrated its viability in Alaska in October 2018, with three systems successfully installed in Buckland, Alaska. Together, these three BoxPower Solar Containers will provide approximately 47,000 kWh of energy,  for less than half the cost of diesel generation. BoxPower looks forward to bringing its technology to many more Rural Alaskan communities in the summer of 2019.


Correlate provides energy management programs to help organizations get up to 60% energy savings results. Software-driven workflows combined with concierge services provide the needed work to efficiently drive engagement, insights, and action to do more energy projects. 


Carter Wind is a manufacturer of next generation wind turbine technology that is self-erecting and designed for utility, distributed, and microgrid power generation applications in the most remote, environmentally extreme locations. 

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60Hertz brings maintenance of rural power plants, known as Microgrids, and training of rural operators into the 21st century by digitizing records that are otherwise live with paper, pencil and fax. As a result, our customers tell us we are extending the life of infrastructure by at least 2-3 years, saving 100’s of hours of administrative time, easing state and federal regulatory compliance, and empowering Alaska Native operators with modern tools to do their jobs.

The team has worked closely with Alaskan utilities, native-serving nonprofits and tribes to design simple, culturally relevant software that does not require existing computer experience.

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Attently measures the cognitive impact of video in the wild to turn brand marketers and content creators into heroes..

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Helix has created a unique mobile payment app and electronic card duo. Concurrent with each other, Helix Secure enables users to generate one time use Visa Prepaid virtual account numbers (VANs) instantly with the app. These VANs can be funded from their bitcoin wallet or bank account (ACH) and spent by swiping in the same traditional way at any point of sale (POS). By doing so, Helix has created a product that puts consumers, for the first time, in charge of their own purchasing protection. One time use VANs are the most secure method of payment in use today.


Threat Informant is an Anchorage-based IT security firm that focuses on information security. The Multi-Tenant Advanced Security (MTAS) system is our new Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution that will help clients meet compliance standards and develop a threat intelligence program; and, provide Threat Informant analysts with massive amounts of data from various client sites to identify correlations (i.e. identify threat, identify thresholds, etc) as it relates to information security. The MTAS has innumerable applications, but the one we are most excited about is in the Energy sector. By placing the MTAS at different energy sites (grids, microgrids, etc), data collection and then analysis will allow Threat Informant employees to identify the independent and dependent variables as it relates to energy savings.

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Kwema is a software company building safer communities for women with emergency enabled wearables and an online social network. Kwema connects people in physical danger to immediate nearby help through a Safety as a Service wearable using inconspicuous proprietary technology that can be customized to different wearable form factors.


At Heather's Choice, we believe that life is full of adventures. We work to provide healthy, delicious, packable food to adventurers worldwide from our production facility in Anchorage, Alaska. Our just add hot water meals and ready to eat snacks are gluten, soy, and dairy-free, and made with sustainably sourced ingredients like organic coconut, wild caught sockeye salmon and grass-fed bison. Our products are available online at heatherschoice.com, as well as Amazon, REI and independent retailers nationwide.